Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle comes with great features for a relaxing, enjoyable puzzle assembly experience:

One Finger Movement & Rotation

puzzle movement and rotation

Touch one side of the puzzle piece to move, rotate or
join it to another.

Direct Movement & Rotation

puzzle direct movement and rotation

Touch the puzzle piece with one finger and game table with another to move with more control.

Pinch to Zoom

puzzle pinch to zoom

Use two fingers to zoom the game table in or out as with usual iPad images.

Magnetic pieces

puzzle pieces magnetism

Two connecting pieces join together with magnetic force when close to each other.

Destroy the Heap

puzzle destroy the heap

Double tap to scatter the initial proposed puzzle apart to start game play or to scatter a heap of pieces.

Grab & Move

puzzle grab and move

Use three to five fingers to move a number of pieces at a time or to put some aside in a heap.

Reference Image Sticking

puzzle reference picture sticking

Optional helping tool that can be turned on or off in the Settings, permitting players to place puzzle pieces directly on the original image. If correctly placed, the pieces will lock into position to facilitate assembly.

Add New Picture

You can add any picture you want to Join It Library from your Photos library or from on-line feed. Visit Collections from the Main Menu and tap Add Pictures button to open Add New Picture Menu.