Dear Users,

Join It has been a great deal of fun for us to develop and test. Everyone at d-Studio got so involved and excited that even our kids started testing and suggesting ways to improve it!

We believe you will have a wonderful time with our game, and wish you as much fun playing as we had creating it.

Yours sincerely, The Join It team.

Software Development by Vsevolod Soroka
Graphics & Interface Design by Denis Krasikov
Quality Assurance by Dmitry Borodin
Web Site Development by Denis Krasikov
Product Management by Irina Plakhotnik
Project Management by Vladislav Kolesnik

Special thanks to Alice (12 years old) and Michael (3 years old) for their contribution of usability testing.

Special thanks as well to all the people at Flickr who helped by giving us their most beautiful images to make this game so wonderful.

Lenny Montana, Kate Mereand, Baronsquirrel, Brian Jeffery Beggerly, Nosha, Brett Weinstein, Kevin Dooley, William Cho, Francesco Sgroi, Ricardo Liberato, Rick Harris, Leong Him Woh, Eddy Van Leuven, Paul Gabriel Pasztor, Daniel Catt, Art G., Rodrigo Basaure Mellado, Q Thomas Bower, Kıvanç Niş, Dhilung Kirat, Olivier BACQUET, Vincent van der Pas, Darren Stone, Hamed Saber, Alex E. Proimos, Joiseyshowaa, Linda Lane, ThomasBoito, Sioda, Saw Htoo, Kconnors, Ville Miettinen, Anna Andres, Theophilos Papadopoulos, Igor Melika, Taras Perun, Taras Tsybykh, Yuriy Malyshev, VictI, Stas Starostenko.