Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle

The iPad and iPhone game that makes you forget that there is a difference between reality and the gaming experience.

Price: FREE
Version: 2.3.1
iPad, iPhone, iPod touch
iOS 8 or later
121 MB of free space

What's New in Version 2.3.1:

  • iOS 10 support

Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle lets you vividly experience assembling a jigsaw puzzle anywhere you can take your iPad, iPhone or iPod. Absolutely intuitive controls bring the game close to it's real life counterpart.

A myriad of difficulty options make the game playable for all levels and ages with the comfortable play remaining constant throughout.

While developing Join It we sought to take full advantage of the capabilities of a multi-touch screen in order to bring the game closest to reality. We are confident players will have as much fun with Join It as we had creating it.

  • Absolutely Realistic Control - Users get to assemble a real jigsaw puzzle on their iPad.
  • Piece Movement Control – Unique and absolutely new in comparison with other similar puzzle apps.
  • Four different puzzle shapes.
  • Unique Assembly Gestures - Making Join It very comfortable, interesting and close to real play.
  • Expandable Image Library - Join It permits users to add their choice of images to the jigsaw puzzle image inventory from the computer Photo Library or downloaded from an online source.
  • Sound Effects – The Join It Jigsaw Puzzle has fun sound effects that users can turn on or off as they please.
  • Varying Puzzle Complexity – Users decide the number of pieces for each puzzle play, for iPad from 4 to 500, for iPhone from 4 to 300.
  • Zooming and Moving – Users can zoom in for a closer look and move virtually around the game table as they work, just like in the real experience.
  • Quality Images – The Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle comes with a free library of 130 preinstalled HD images.
  • Game Center Support - 4 Leaderboards: Total Score, Best Game result, The number of solved puzzles, Total Gaming Time.
  • Top Scores and Timer – Puzzle assembly timer and top score tracking with level of difficulty indicated for all completed puzzles.
  • Ability to switch off Puzzle Rotation.
  • Results Sharing on Twitter.

Thank you for choosing our game. The Join It team